How to Maintain your Fitness at Home

Your fitness goals are just a hop, skip and a jump away – quite literally.
Vouched for by Kate Hudson and Kim Kardashian the skipping rope is a hidden little secret waiting to change your life, or at least your body.  Skipping is a calorie-burning, waist-cinching, inch busting piece of equipment that makes every workout feel like you’re at play.  Best of all you can exercise at home when it suits you.  Sweating off last nights extra glass of wine has never been more fun!


Benefits of Skipping

Not only does skipping burn major calories, but it also builds bone density (important for preventing osteoporosis), improves breathing efficiency, cardiovascular health and decreases foot and ankle injuries.  If you’re a tennis player, runner, basketball player or footballer, you will benefit from strengthened lower extremities through skipping workouts.  Skipping is also a good cognitive exercise as you need to stay focused, coordinated and balanced throughout the exercise.


Easy Exercises to do at Home

Disclaimer: Just like cartwheels, headstands and hula-hooping seem to have gotten a whole lot harder to do as you grew older, skipping might seem a little challenging at first.    Initially, it may feel like you are jumping into a web, but you’ll be busting those moves in no time if you keep at it.


Start with only five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening.  Break up these five minutes into stop-start bursts of jumping.  Build this up to 10 minutes each and most importantly (I cannot emphasize this enough) keep it consistent.  Consistency is key when it comes to seeing results and making progress.  Rather be consistent with a little exercise at home every day than inconsistent with a lot of training on irregular intervals.


Get Fit Faster

Whether you are a couch potato aiming to ‘un-potato’ yourself, or whether you are already fit and needing to change up your routine with a new challenge, incorporating a few additional exercises will see the arms, legs, back and abs shape up beautifully.  Start a 30-minute circuit training program at home, incorporating your skip.  Your exercise program should include some cardio, upper-body, lower-body and core exercises.  The below sample workout will not only help you shed pounds faster but also tone you up from top to bottom.


Sample At-Home Skipping Workout


**Choose whichever style of skipping you are comfortable with to start off.  As you get more confident you can up the pace and challenge yourself with different skipping styles.


** No rope? No problem!  You can do the exercise circuit at home with an imaginary skipping rope too.  Your coordination may not develop quite as well as with an actual rope, but you’ll still get a great workout!


2 minWarm-upEasy slow skipping to warm up
1 min20 sec skipping, 10 sec rest20 sec skipping, 10 sec rest
1 min45 seconds push-ups15 seconds rest
1 min1 min45 seconds forward lunges with right leg15 seconds rest
45 seconds forward lunges with left leg15 seconds rest
Hold the skipping rope with both arms stretched out above your head during lunges. This will challenge your balance and assist in keeping your posture upright, engaging your core.
1 min20 sec skipping, 10 sec rest20 sec skipping, 10 sec rest
1 min45 seconds Rope Jumps15 seconds restPlace the rope on the floor in a straight line. Jump forwards and backwards over the rope.  Advanced option:  do single leg jumps over the rope, 30 sec with the right leg, and 30 seconds with the left.
1 min45 sec – 1 min Plank
1 min20 sec skipping, 10 sec rest20 sec skipping, 10 sec rest

Repeat the full circuit 2- 3 times. Have a good stretch afterwards.

Happy Skipping!



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