Ten Incredible Benefits of Taking Collagen


You may be familiar with collagen as an addition to many topical skincare products boasting antiaging benefits for vibrant glowing skin. But did you know that supplementing your diet with collagen yields a far greater overall benefit not only for skin health but also for your hair, nails, joints, gut, muscles, and bones?

Before I get into more detail about how a good quality collagen supplement will boost and benefit your body, skin, and overall health, there are a few things you need to know about the types of collagen available.

Types of Collagen

Collagen is a group of proteins that make up various structures in the body. There are at least sixteen types of collagen found in different parts of the body enhancing skin, bone, cartilage, and muscle structure. The four main types are: Type 1, providing structure to skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue, and teeth. This type is essential, accounting for 90% of collagen in the body. Type 2 is found in elastic cartilage to cushion joints. Type 3 supports the structure of muscles, organs, and arteries while type 4 is found in the skin’s layers and helps with filtration.

As the body ages, collagen quality and production naturally decrease. Sun damage, high-sugar diets, and smoking also result in the depletion of collagen leaving the skin thinner, less elastic, and cartilage weaker. Collagen dietary supplements are digestible forms of collagen which are usually obtained in a powdered form. Taking a collagen supplement, therefore, provides an essential boost in the body’s decreasing levels of collagen over time in a manner that is easily absorbed.


Marine vs Bovine Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements are derived from 2 sources namely marine (obtained from fish skin and scales) and bovine. Whenever choosing a supplement, only use those that have been tested for safety, use environmentally sound animal rearing methods and production methods.

I love the BeautyGen range since they prioritize the integrity of ingredients providing a high protein, yet completely pure product free from harmful extras like sugar, thickeners, or fillers. Their selection of high-quality collagen supplements includes essential additions for optimal health such as dairy-free probiotics, omega-3, buffered vitamin C, and 50 organic superfoods.


Ten Incredible Benefits of Dietary Collagen Supplements

  1. Collagen supplementation promotes the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, which enhances firmness and aids against wrinkling.
  2. Collagen supplementation supports skin hydration. Taken regularly it will positively impact skin hydration levels which also affects skin density and reduces the visibility of pores.
  3. Collagen smooths the appearance of fine lines. With improved skin elasticity and hydration, collagen can make fine lines appear smaller and wrinkles less prominent.
  4. Collagen provides essential components for healthy hair and scalp.
  5. Collagen supports nail health, reducing brittleness. When taken consistently, collagen supplementation will improve nail growth, strength, and appearance.
  6. Collagen supplementation supports bone health.
  7. Collagen supplementation supports gut and digestion health.
  8. Since collagen is found in connective tissue all over the body it assists in the management of joint health and a decrease in joint pain.
  9. Collagen is also believed to promote heart health as it provides structure to the arteries, therefore assisting in efficient transportation of blood to the body and preventing the weakening of these blood vessels.
  10. While collagen is amazing for skin, joints, hair, nails, and bone health, it is also excellent for detox purposes. Collagen is incredibly helpful with regards to detoxifying the body of harmful substances since it contains glycine which the liver makes use of in Phase II detoxification.


Topical Collagen vs Dietary Supplementation

Topical collagen found in many beauty lotions or serums serve as a short-term application that only penetrates the top layer of skin.

Good quality dietary supplements of pure hydrolyzed peptan collagen are smaller, easily digestible peptides identical to the collagens in the body. They are better absorbed into the bloodstream and assist in increasing the body’s natural collagen production in the deepest underlying layers which is not possible through topical applications. This provides an incredible long-term solution benefitting not only your skin but boosting overall wellness, mobility, enhancing joint health, bone health, and improving athletic performance.


Including a collagen supplement in your diet offers incredible long-term benefits which are boosted further in supplements which include Vitamin C and Biotin (Vit B7) providing additional support to the body’s natural collagen production and healthy hair growth. With so many benefits collagen supplementation is not merely a natural beauty product but a full-body, health-enhancing, beauty-boosting complement aiding the body from the deepest tissue levels with long-lasting results.

Need guidance on choosing a quality collagen supplement to your specific needs? Contact me here with any questions. Keep glowing.


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