The Goodness Hunter 14 day detox

Get Glowing Skin And A Healthy Gut – Renew your Skin, Body, and Mind with My Complete Detox Program.

Summer is the season of life and energy. But do your feelings reflect that? Is your body needing help? Are you feeling exhausted?

Do you have lackluster skin with breakouts? Dark bags under your eyes? Have your eyes lost their glow?

Transform to what you were always meant to be.

Detoxing is typically known to be a seasonal thing. You’ve heard that it’s super beneficial to your body – but did you also know that your inner, your mental, your spiritual well-being is also important?

My detox program starts from the inside out and focuses on two parts of your body that are super important. And in honor of beautiful summer we are focusing on the organs that are in charge of energy, life, and abundance.

You may be suffering from acne, anxiety, heavy mood swings, and gained a bit of weight. If this is you, then my Detox Program is what you need.

Let’s start from the inside and finish it up with beautiful, glowing skin. A strong spirit. A strong immune system. A strong body.

My Detox Program will help you get health that shows through your beautiful, glowing skin and smaller waist line.

I’m here to support you throughout the whole detox program!

If you want to have. . .

  • A clearer, healthy glowing skin
  • Happier gut
  • Improved digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Better Sleep
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Less Anxiety
  • Mental Clarity
  • More energy to do the things you love to do

You deserve to be happy and healthy!

  • No more tired afternoons = more time to fulfill your other life goals!
  • No more confusing fad diets and trends = just healthy and fun, clean eating.
  • No more allergic reactions.
  • No more upset stomachs.
  • No more lackluster skin.

Don't just take my word for it

Here’s what others have to say about my program
The Summer Detox Program was a life changer for me. I have struggled so much with migraines and after the detox I knew what life was like without migraines. I did not experience any PMS and I had no anxiety while following the program. The food was really yummy and tasty, it honestly didn't feel like a detox at all! This is an amazing program and I can't wait for future programs!
Robyn Van Jaarsveldt
South Africa
What a gem!!This incredible guide taught me how to listen to my body and to know what it actually needs. It contains lots of easy recipes, using local products, thus not expensive and it's definitely delicious and sustainable.After the detox, I felt lighter and my skin looked so much healthier! My energy levels were more constant and I felt fuller for longer after meals.A lot of the recipes have become favourites in my household!I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.
Bernice Kruger
South Africa
First of all Chenaye is such a lovely and great person. But apart from that, she simply has a great talent and a lot of knowledge about food and nutrition. She deals intensively with all foods and nutrients and simply knows what is healthy and what should be avoided. I trust her completely when it comes to the topic of conscious nutrition and detox. I did her detox program for the first time this spring and was immediately hooked. When you think of detox, you often think of starving yourself and eating little or not so delicious food. But it was not like that at all! The recipes were so varied and really delicious. You could really eat your fill and still had taken only good nutrients to support the detox program. I will definitely cook the recipes again soon and look forward to more of The Goodness Hunter's nutrition programs. A very clear recommendation.
Victoria Dernjac
My Detox Program will help you get health that shows through your beautiful, glowing skin and smaller waist line.

About Me

I’m Chenaye, proud graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
Having suffered immensely with an unhealthy gut, hormonal imbalances, weight fluctuations and major skin breakouts, I found a complete way to transform my problems through my diet and lifestyle which lead me to the freedom of total health, feeling the best I ever have, I overcame these obstacles and for the first time EVER, feel confident enough to leave the house with no make-up, my skin has cleared up beautifully, my gut has never been happier and I’m finally wearing my bikini and crop tops with confidence again! It is my passion and desire to help you overcome your own obstacles and to live a life of freedom and confidence in your own skin and body.

About the program



Here’s a look at what’s inside this program:


14 Breakfast Recipes
14 Lunch Recipes 
14 Dinner Recipes
– 6 Detox Drinks recipes
– 6 Juices 
–  5 Hydration Waters 
– 3 Dairy Free Milks 
– 7 Smoothies 
– 5 Smoothie bowls
– 3 Warm soups 
– 3 Raw Soups 
– SNACKS recipes 
– DESSERT recipes 
This program is allergy friendly, Gluten-Free and ideal to help improve digestive wellness, improve skin health, hydrating the body and kick-starting weight loss.


– 16 Page e-guide to guide you on detoxing emotionally and physically. 
A few things you can look forward to learning about :


– Summer Supercharges :
Probiotic drinks
Coconut Water 
Probiotic Drinks
Summer Superfoods


– Tools, tips and exercises to support the body and to support the mind